Yuetuna is Reena's Destiny Guardian, a Support of Night.

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  • Yuetuna is based on the Moon Rabbit from Chinese and other East Asian mythologies. The light green and gold markings are from two of its names: the Jade Rabbit and the Gold Rabbit. Her hat is a mortar bowl, based on the mortar and pestle the Moon Rabbit uses to either make the Elixir of Life or rice cakes.
  • Yuetuna's name comes from "yuètù", the Chinese name for the Moon Rabbit, and "luna", Spanish for "moon".
  • Yuetuna used to not be Reena's Destiny Guardian. Her original Guardian was Noctoko, based on the owl constellation Noctua. North described Noctoko as "a pterodactyl-sized bird covered in purple feathers, with green eyes, and very sharp talons. She was able to help heal injuries, but she also fought". She ended up not pterodactyl-sized and downsized to a small owl. But then Noctoko was scrapped because of there being too many birds in the Destiny Guardian roster and they wanted to add the Moon Rabbit as a Night elemental.