Reena Lund is one of the protagonists in The Dark Side: War on Destiny.

Description Edit

Reena is a girl. I'll write this later.

Relationships Edit

  • Kyle Andersen: kinda has a crush
  • Skylar Jarvis: okay ig
  • Emily Xie: sister buds
  • Her Mother: she dyin
  • Her Father: he's around

Trivia Edit

  • North initially described her as a girl with "light purple hair. She wore a light blue tee and jean shorts. She was the quiet, shy type".
  • Reena was actually not given a name initially. North knew it started with an R, but couldn't remember the rest of it, so Raven came up with Reena.
  • Reena's Destiny Guardian used to be a small, purple owl named Noctoko, based on the owl constellation Noctua. But it was changed because there were too many birds in the Destiny Guardian roster, and they wanted to include a Moon Rabbit Guardian, so she now has Yuetuna.
  • Reena was actually supposed to be the one of the main four without a Destiny Guardian, but that changed due to a misunderstanding but also because it seemed to fit her better.